Where to Find Great Men? You’ll Never Guess


Where do strong and successful men hang out?

This question is common amongst my single friends and it’s often met with frustration.

Sadly, I knew the answer even before the words left my mouth.

The truth is great men are literally everywhere. They’re at super markets, they’re getting fuel at gas stations, they’re at the gym, they’re walking their dogs, they’re basically anywhere and everywhere you can think of.

Even the most career-focused man who works 18 hours straight need to get out of the office every now and then.

The problem is they’re passing us by and we’re passing them by!

So, what can you do about it?

1. Have a Good Look Around

Do you take notice of what’s happening around you? When I’m out and about I’m still in office-mode, thinking of the next thing I have to do, the current project I’m working on or a gazillion other things that’s occupying space in my mind.

Will I notice the cute guy that just came out of the news agency? Or the couple that’s having an argument outside 7 Eleven? Or the guy that’s checking me out by his car? Probably not.

The next time you step outside, slow down, look around, take notice of what’s going on. Maybe you’ll see something interesting, something different. Maybe you’ll find someone worth meeting. Maybe you’ll also notice how you feel; whether that’s stress, happiness, excitement or hope.

Just maybe…

2. Acknowledge Men Who Catch Your Attention Instead Of Ignoring Them

A lot of women do this unconsciously. If a cute guy walks past you, do you look a second longer and perhaps, try to catch his eye contact and smile at him?

If you don’t acknowledge someone that looks interesting, how are you going to have a conversation with him? Or get him to notice you?

Don’t be shy. He can’t read your mind.

I dare you to look, to admire, to appreciate the beauty that’s around you.

3. Expand Your Social Circle

The most popular way couples get introduced is still through friends’ introduction. So what does that mean if you’re single? You need to expand your social circle. Preferably the more social your friends, the more likely they’ll introduce you to new and interesting people.

There are some people who don’t like to “share” friends, which means they hardly ever introduce you to their other friends or invite you to any large social gatherings. They’re not useful for expanding your social circle.

The best way to meet these kind of people is to head to social events, meetup groups, business events etc. Social people like to socialize, so this is where you need to be.

When you do meet social people, you want to instantly show yourself as someone valuable for them to be friends with by inviting them out as often as you can. The more you invite people to social events, the more likely people will invite you back.

For adults, the ability to make new friends and expand/change social circles is incredibly valuable! Don’t estimate how life-altering this step may turn out to be, especially if you have always hang out with the same 10 people your whole entire life.

Also, be somewhat picky with the type of people you should associate with. If you want to meet great guys, you need to befriend great people; both men and women. If you only hangout with low-life losers, you’ll only meet low-life losers!

Where do you like to go?

Where did you meet your last boyfriend?

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