The Risky Game of Internet Dating


When the internet started to infiltrate all of our lives in the 1990s, few would have realized the far-reaching effects that it would have.

Now we use the internet to do our shopping, watch films and even find our soul mate. But is internet dating safe? Here are a few things to consider.

Good reputation

Like online shopping, internet dating can offer an overwhelming choice of options. It’s great that there is such a wide range of sites catering to different types of tastes, but it’s important to check up on the site that you use.

This is because the biggest danger in internet dating is that there are people and businesses who can use your personal data to cause you financial, mental or even physical harm. This is why it’s always necessary to use sites that have a good reputation and a professional approach. and eHarmony offer a simple, yet reputable service, and often feature a free trial period to figure out if this is the right service for you. In many ways, it’s like using an online gambling site like where you’ll want to make sure that there is nothing even slightly suspicious about the services offered.

Endless choice

Despite the perils faced when using internet dating sites, it’s clear that online dating is here to stay. The Daily Telegraph recently reported that there are now more than 1400 web dating sites in the UK alone, and it is estimated that over 30% of all relationships now start online.

Part of the reason for this success story must be the ability of internet dating to modify its selection procedures according to your personal tastes and preferences. Plus there are now a range of sites that cater to specific needs such as, Christian Connection, JDate and even Muddy Matches for those who live in rural areas!

Furthermore, many sites such as Parship claim to offer specialised scientific procedures with online psychometric testing that uses data in order to find your ‘perfect match’.


However, just like the real world of dating, there is nothing foolproof about using this approach.

There are many people who use such sites as a quick fix for one-night stands. So always be sure to meet up with your new suitor in a public place and never give away any unnecessary personal details.

Furthermore, it was recently reported that 57% of all people using online dating sites admitted that they had lied when creating their personal profiles. So in light of this, it’s possibly a good idea not to invest too much hope in this brave new technological future!

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