The Difference Between Men And Boys


There are boys (many), trapped in the body of a grown man.

Looks can be VERY deceptive.

How often have you met a grown man, who SHOULD (due to age, life experience, marriage and kids) be able to handle certain conflicts in a relationship… but really CAN’T?

Like, when you meet a man who should have a lot of relationship experiences (due to age), but after having been involved with him, you realize he still doesn’t know how to communicate, how to properly handle conflict and how not to RUN when the going gets tough.

Some men are runners no matter what. And there’s not much you can do about it.

Your job is to distinguish between the MEN from the BOYS, and remember looks and age has nothing to do with it.

In case, you thought you were going to get off easy, you must understand this rule applies to YOU as well.

If you want to be with a MAN, you must act like a woman, not a prepubescent teenager.

These behaviours are OUT:

  • Mind games (Eg. Telling a man you’re not interested when you ARE interested.)
  • Getting your friends to relay messages to your love interest because… ?? Really there’s no excuse for this.
  • Prank calls (like to an ex perhaps?)
  • Stalking (this includes cyber stalking too)
  • Leaving a hundred messages on his phone/email.

This should be obvious, but it’s not. Like I said, if you’re still acting like you’re in high school, very FEW men will find that a turn on.

The best way to start having a mature and healthy relationship with a man is:

  1. Tell yourself that you’re no longer going to deal with “boys” and any man not “men” enough to be one in the relationship doesn’t deserve your time and attention.
  2. You’re no longer going to be someone’s “mother” while in a romantic relationship. A relationship is about two adults sharing responsibilities and willing to do what is needed to help one another grow.
  3. Stop looking for another “dad” figure in your life through a male partner. When you seek a man who is going to replace a father role in your life, you may find yourself reverting back to childish behaviours.
  4. Start acting like a grown up by doing the right thing for yourself and taking responsibility yourself.
  5. Learn to be independent without a man and when the right man shows up you’ll be more well-equipped to have a mature and healthy relationship.

The most important thing to remember is that maturity needs to come from within you first. A solid and stable man will be attracted to a stable and strong woman. Be that strong woman and the right man will show up in time.

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