10 Tips on How to Attract More Men into Your Life


Are you still single? Are you worried you’re never going to find Mr. Right? Have you decided it’s time to find a boyfriend? Here are your 10 tips to attract more men into your life!

With Valentine’s Day coming up it’s hard not to think about dating. Sometimes, though, we find ourselves in a “dry spell” when it comes to men, and we just don’t know how to get out of it. It seems like every man we meet is already married or dating someone…or crazy. Honestly, where have all the nice, normal men gone, right?

They’re out there. They’re looking for you, too.

I can tell you that you’re not going to find him by sitting on your sofa eating chips and watching television, though. Take my advice and use these ten tips to attract more men into your life.

Go Out

You really won’t get a guy sitting on your sofa, I wasn’t kidding. Unless you’re interested in the postman or the guy that delivers your paper every Sunday morning, you’re going to need to get out of the house and show yourself off to the world. Mr. Right isn’t going to fall into your lap, you have to put in some effort. Get out of your house. Stop making excuses.

Hang Where the Boys Are

I always hear that there’s a shortage of eligible men in this city, but that really isn’t true. The truth is, rarely do women know where to find the eligible men. I’ll say that bars are always a good start, so grab your girlfriends for a girls’ night out and hit up some of the local sports bars. If you can get them to go with you to an actual sporting even that’s even better! Other good guy places include science fiction conventions, comic-cons, and game stores. You gotta’ learn to be one of the guys if you’re going to get one of the guys.

Look Pretty

Don’t misunderstand…hanging out with the guys does not mean you have to act, or smell, like one of them. In fact, if you’re going to attract more men into your life, you need to look pretty. I’ll warn you now, though, I’ve met numerous men who are completely intimidated by women who are dressed their best, so keep your look cute, clean, and simple.

Try New Dating Methods

Still not having any luck? Try different dating methods. You can always try a matchmaking service (although, if you want to know the truth, those things don’t work…you will meet nice guys, though). Another option is online dating. I’ve actually met some very nice guys online dating. The old taboos are gone, online is actually pretty reliable…especially in a big city.

Say Yes to Invitations

If you get asked out for a drink by your girlfriends or asked out to dinner by an eligible man, always say yes! Saying yes to invitations is the first step to getting out more, and you never know who you might randomly meet while you’re out there. Also, that guy you don’t really think is attractive…he might become much cuter after you get to know him a little better (believe me).

Take up a “Guy” Hobby

I decided to check out the local aviation club because I love airplanes. One of the instructors sent me a flirty text after we met. Was I interested? Not at all. In fact, I was really put off by it. However, it got me to thinking that taking up what is traditionally considered a guy hobby is an excellent way to meet guys! Aviation, improv (improv is a big one!), glass blowing, wood working…guy hobbies means there will be guys there.


It doesn’t matter where you are or who you’re with, you’ll never attract a man into your life if you don’t flirt a little. That’s right, you have to flirt with the guys! Many women don’t realize they put of a “leave me alone” kind of air when they’re out and about in town, it’s an inner safety defense. The problem, though, is that it keeps away the right kind of guys too!

If you see someone who is eligible and whom you find attractive, don’t be afraid to flirt a little. Use your eyes say hello, and be sweet. To be honest, men are shy when it comes to dating. They usually don’t approach a woman first, sometimes you have to take a chance and be the one to start something.

Coffee Shop

If you want a place to attract more men into your life, but you don’t want to take up a guy hobby or go to the bars, I highly recommend hanging around coffee shops. I have met four different men (and dated them) from three different coffee shops! Everyone from businessmen to hipsters hang out at coffee houses, and you’re eventually bound to find a man there getting his morning dose of caffeine.


You have to smile. If you want to attract more men into your life (or anyone into your life) you have to smile! Nobody wants to date someone who’s sad all the time, and nobody wants to date someone who isn’t any fun. Smile at people, smile at guys you’re interested in…smile!

Be Approachable

Most importantly, if you want to attract more men into your life, you have to be more approachable in your everyday actions. Never be too busy to have a small conversation with an eligible man, and don’t brush someone off because you’re in a hurry. Always be approachable so that Mr. Right isn’t afraid to say hi.

Remember, ladies, men react to you based on whatever signal you’re giving off. If you’re smiling and happy and flirting with your eyes, then every man in the room is going to notice you and want to move closer to you. Happiness, hanging out with the guys, and having fun are the basic three aspects of these ten tips for attracting more men into your life.

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This page was created to encourage men and women to love more consciously; with courage, with hope, with your head as well as your heart. It’s love advice that doesn’t sugarcoat; it’s brutal, it’s honest, it’s raw. In a fast changing society, the need to know who you are and what you want are even more crucial to finding and keeping love.

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