Getting An Ex Back – What To Do If Their Family Hates You


This is a toughie and one I get frequently asked about. Family has a great deal of influence on many of us and if your ex is one who is heavily influenced by family members.. particularly one of those close knit mother/son relationships – you might be looking at an unsolvable puzzle of frustration.

It’s one thing for friends to dislike you, but when your guy’s MOTHER hates you (or girl if you’re a guy), it’s a whole different kettle of fish.

However there is good news.

IF your partner truly loves you and feels you are the one for them, it won’t matter what their friends or family says, they will fight to be with you no matter what.

Now the BAD news is that if your ex is undecided or sitting on the fence about your relationship, their family and friends DOES have a great deal of persuasive power in getting them to stay on the other side of fence.

You’re sort of alone with very little (if any) say in what your ex is going to do in terms of your relationship.

HOWEVER, there are still things you CAN do to make sure you’re not making the situation worse for yourself!

Your ex might just need time to themselves to figure out what it is they want, and because of this, no matter what their friends or family say…. let’s HOPE they have a brain and use their own best judgement.

Ok, so here are the DOs and DON’Ts:


  • Stay polite around their family/friends.
  • Keep a safe distance away from your ex for the time being.
  • Understand you have little to no control over the whole situation but you DO have control over what you do and feel.
  • Try not to let what OTHER people think of you worry you too much when you don’t have to deal with them.


  • Bitch about your ex, their family or their friends.
  • Stalk your ex or their family/friends on social media. Best to avoid dealing with them at all.
  • Try to suck up to their family or friends because they’ll see straight through you. Just be yourself.

It’s going to be hard in the beginning but you must stay civil. If your ex’s family is constantly in between you, you must stay away a bit and slowly let your ex come to you first.

For additional insight about this particular situation, you can also watch a video:

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    Dear Ashley. My ex wanted no contact for two months. At the time my life fell apart. I lost my business and got laid off from my job. Right after the break up I landed a job and went back to college. After fixing my life, I decided to contact her for reconciliation. She completely denied me. Based on what mutual frineds have told me if I did not reach out to her she would have taken me back, and now she is completely disgusted by me. Everyone says I have completely burned my bridge with her. DO you agree is tere anything at all I can do? I already bought your system and I followed it for thirty days, the problem was that she wanted double that time. I really fucked up. Is this something I should really let go?

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