6 Tips to Survive the Holiday Season When Your Boyfriend Dumps You Right Before Christmas


Did you just get dumped right before Christmas? Are you wallowing in your misery and self-doubt? Perhaps you’re planning on getting revenge…Grinch-style? Before you do anything drastic, here’s what you should really do when he dumps you right before the holidays.

Any woman who has ever been dumped by her man right before the holidays can tell you that it’s one of the most horrifying events ever to take place in your romantic life. I speak from experience. My boyfriend of three years dumped me the day before Valentine’s Day one year and I was completely devastated!

My ex who was talking marriage got cold feet and left right before Christmas a few years back.

It took me a while to date again. In fact, it took me a while to come to grips with the entire ordeal.

I did learn a few tricks though when it comes to being dumped before the holidays, things that I believe every woman should know. After all, the evil things you’re plotting in your head are probably illegal anyway, so it’s better to do the right thing when you’ve been dealt this relationship card, and move on to a better guy.

Here’s how to handle it.

Sell His Stuff

There’s no doubt you’ve purchased gifts for your guy, after all, you didn’t expect to be dumped. Now, you could re-gift that awesome scarf you got for him, but then every time you saw it you would have tragic memories flooding through your mind.

Don’t put yourself through that. Instead, what you really need to do is just sell the stuff you bought him, or return it if you happened to keep the receipts. That’s money you could put back in your own pocket and enjoy!

Buy Yourself Something Nice

Since you have that extra money now from the awesome stuff HE doesn’t get, you should buy yourself something nice. Go and spend your money on YOU this year. Want a new pair of earrings? Go for it! Want a gorgeous new sweater? It’s all yours, baby. Even if you didn’t sell his stuff and opted to throw it in the fireplace instead, you should still buy yourself something nice and pretty to celebrate YOU.

Hang Out with Other Women

Family can suck your will to live on the holidays. No, really, they can! After you’ve been dumped, the last thing you want to do is hand around your married siblings and their kids or listen to your parents say “I told you so” about your ex guy. Do yourself a favor and spend the holiday with other singles like yourself. Have a Friends-mas instead of a Christ-mas, you see what I’m saying? It’ll be better for you to enjoy your holiday without all the family drama anyway.

Get a New Look

After getting dumped, it really isn’t unusual to find ourselves in a slump. In fact, the kind of slump we encounter when being dumped before the holidays is completely beyond compare. Ugly sweaters have nothing on us! Instead of running around in your holiday worst, go and take care of yourself. Get a new haircut or some hi-lights, get a manicure or pedicure, do something…anything….that makes you feel like the beautiful woman you are. After all, you deserve the chance to shine, no sense in wasting time feeling miserable and letting your looks go.

Be Grateful!

One of the most important things for you to do when you’ve been dumped right before the holidays is to be grateful! I’m not going to sit here and preach to you about being grateful for what you already have and to think on all those people who have it worse than you. I mean, let’s be honest, we know that’s how we SHOULD feel, but it isn’t how we REALLY feel. Instead, I’m going to tell you to be grateful for the one thing your ex did right…he left!!

You might be broken hearted now, and you might feel all the horrible things that come along with being dumped this time of year (pissed off at all the happy couples shopping together, misery at all the cheerful and loving holiday movies, you know what I mean), but don’t that those feelings mask the truth.

You should be grateful this guy dumped you! First of all, now you really know what kind of man he is (unkind for dumping you before the holidays and a cheapskate as well). Second of all, you should be grateful you didn’t marry this jerk, he did you a favor by leaving you now without making you waste more years on his selfishness! Good-riddance!

Do What YOU Want to do for the Holidays!

There seems to be this idea that we should spend Christmas with our family eating big meals, singing carols, and opening gifts. That’s great for those who have not recently had their heart trampled on! For the dumped, however, it’s just heartbreaking. Break away from the traditional and do what YOU want to do for the holidays. Do you want to spend the evening watching cheesy B-rated horror movies as you eat tacos? Do it! Do you want to go see a movie at the theater and then skip dinner and go straight to dessert? You can do that, too! Do you hate the way your tree is decorated but did it to please your ex? CHANGE IT!!!

You’re a free woman now, you can do whatever you want for the holidays and there’s nobody there to frown on your lack of “tradition”. Personally, I make a frozen pizza every year and spend the day ignoring my phone and watching movies. Some years I put up a tree…some years I don’t. Every year, though, I’m grateful I’m not still in a relationship with either of those holiday heartbreaking guys! You should be grateful, too, and enjoy the holidays as a very happy and new YOU.

Happy Holidays!

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